Top 10 Monsters of the Sea

If you thought that land animals were creepy looking (Top 10 Creepiest Animals), wait until you check out these 10 monsters of the sea. Each and every one of these animals look as if they were pulled straight from a horror movie. Remind me to never go swimming again.

10.  Big Red Jellyfish

After looking at the thick, fleshy arms of the Big Red Jellyfish, I have decided that I prefer the long tentacles found on normal jellyfish.

Big Red Jellyfish

Did You Know?

The original name of this animal was “Big Ugly”, however, this name was rejected by an unknown group and renamed to Big Red Jellyfish.


9.  Abyssal Sea Cucumber

This is a creature with a face that even their mother can’t love. Well, I guess this isn’t technically true since the Abyssal Sea Cucumber doesn’t actually have a face.

Abyssal Sea Cucumber

Did You Know?

The Abyssal Sea Cucumber is considered to be one of the more successful sea creatures wandering around on the ocean floor. Probably has to do with the fact that even hungry predators don’t want to touch this ugly looking animal.


8.  Deep Sea Hatchetfish

The body of this fish roughly resembles the shape of a hatchet, hence the name Deep Sea Hatchetfish. Personally, I don’t think I would ever buy this hatchet.

Marine Hatchefish

Did You Know?

The eyes of the Hatchetfish are incredibly sensitive to light and are able to make out even the smallest shadow lurking in deep depths of the ocean.


7.  Squid With Teeth

Maybe it is just me but when you give a squid a human set of dentures…they become a whole lot creepier.

Squid with Teeth

Did You Know?

This squid doesn’t actually have teeth. It is an illusion created by a set of lips covering up the more normal squid-like beak.


6.  Giant Isopod

Let’s face it, these bizarre creatures look like they came from another planet and as a result ended up on the Monsters of the Sea Top 10 List.

Giant Isopod

Did You Know?

The Giant Isopod is known to lay the largest eggs of any marine invertebrate! (Tweet This)


5.  Wolffish

When one of your common names is Devil Fish, you probably deserve to be classified as a Monster of the Sea.


Did You Know?

The state of the Wolffish populaion is actually an indicator for other bottom-dwelling fish populations such as Cod. Incidentally, neither species are doing particularly well, at the moment.


4.  Wolftrap Anglerfish

The mouth of this unique Anglerfish acts much like a large trap, snapping down on any unsuspecting prey in the area. Oh, and those teeth give them a monster-like look.

 Wolftrap Anglerfish

Did You Know?

The upper jaw of the Wolftrap Anglerfish is much larger than their lower jaw. This allows them to create a cage-like trap when their mouth is closed.


3.  Dragonfish

Sure this fish is only about 6 inches in length but considering the size of their teeth and their ferocious behaviour, I wouldn’t want to come across one while swimming.


Did You Know?

Many prey species that the Dragonfish feed on produce their own light source. As a result, this deadly predator has a black stomach. After all, you don’t want your latest meal to show the rest of the underwater world where you are, right?


2.  Fangtooth

The large teeth (proportionate to their body size) and grotesque appearance gives the Fangtooth a creepy, horror-movie look that not many fish can compete with.


Did You Know?

Although they look incredibly dangerous (and they are to smaller fish) they are less than 7 inches long so humans don’t have too much to fear.


1.  Viperfish

The number one monster of the sea is none other than the infamous Viperfish. Known for their needle-like teeth and hinged lower jaw, this fish is beyond freaky.


Did You Know?

The Viperfish can live between 30 and 40 years in the wild but only a few hours in captivity? (Tweet This)

Do you agree with the Top 10 Monsters of the Sea? Do you have any underwater animals you would like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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